Uniform Pieces Wanted
If you were a PSA Flight Attendant, I need your help!
There is a good chance that my collection will be going back on public display this summer.
My hope is to add the following uniform pieces to my collection between now and then
to enhance that display. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

I am willing to offer a good price for any uniform parts that you are willing to sell !!!

1970 - 1974
#1 Orange go-go boots
#2 Orange leather purse
#3 Pink / orange "square neck" uniform, jacket, and belt
#4 Orange shoes

  1973 - 1976
#1 Red dome hat
#2 Red heart-shaped "junior" hat

1966 - 1970
#1 Orange 3/4 jacket with celery green trim
#2 Celery green button-up coat

1949 - 1955
Dark green jacket
Dark green skirt
Dark green overseas hat
1955 - 1960 (summer)
Beige jacket
Beige skirt
Beige overseas hat
1955 - 1960 (winter)
Brown jacket
Brown skirt
Brown overseas hat
1960 - 1962
Brown collarless jacket
Brown skirt
Brown overseas hat
1962 - 1965 (Banana Skin)
Brown zippered dress
Brown cape with PSA logo
1965 - 1966
Beige jacket
Beige skirt
Beige heart shaped hat