Updates from 2001

  Date Page Description
  December 31, 2001 Uniforms Quite a few more uniforms have been added
  December 15, 2001 Annual Reports The 1980 and 1984 annual reports have been added
    Ticket Jackets A new 1970's "stewardess" ticket jacket has been added
  December 8, 2001 Magazines 7 new PSA Magazines from 1976 and 1977 have been added
    Service Pins Several new service pins have been added
  November 24, 2001 Ticket Jackets A new 1960's ticket jacket has been added
  November 8, 2001 Uniforms FINALLY! I have started uploading pictures of the uniforms in my collecion
    Annual Reports The 1977 annual report has been added
  November 6, 2001 Safety Cards The Lockheed Electra (L-188) safety card has been added
    Buttons Several new buttons have been added
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