About this site

My name is Chris Laborde, and this site is dedicated to displaying a small part (about 10%) of my
Pacific Southwest Airlines memorabilia collection.  I was born and raised in San Diego, PSA's hometown, and as a kid my mom used to bring my brother and I down to the airport to watch the PSA jets land and takeoff.

In 1990, I started collecting PSA memorabilia as a hobby. It soon became an obsession, and I realized that my collection was not only to preserve some memories for me as a kid, but also to preserve a MAJOR part of aviation history for California.  My collection started with one set of junior wings, and now my collection occupies an entire bedroom, part of a garage, and many closets.

I hope you have as much fun looking through my collection as I do collecting it.

I would like to thank my understanding wife Leacy and my sons Jack & Cooper, who put up with my collection even though our house has been turned into a virtual PSA museum.

Thanks for visiting!